Sci-Fi Hotel is an architectural and artistic celebration of science fiction style. It's a creative and technological showcase that features classic, retro and futuristic science fiction design, art, books, movies and style in guest rooms and public spaces. This is not a themed hotel. This is functional futurism; a new approach to hospitality, a completely immersive 'out-of-this-world' experience. It is designed to appeal to the sophisticated traveler, the business traveler, families and sci-fi fans alike.

Room designs offer an out-of-this-world experience that looks and feels like staying on a spaceship or within a seamless motion picture setting. Modular, dramatically curved room panels conceal everything from power to entertainment centers to well considered work and relaxation space and storage. Unique room mix offers group ‘quarters’ with common lounges; gamer pods; economy and luxury level stays with an emphasis on comfort, style, functionality and practical innovation.


Sci-Fi Hotel is a highly anticipated hotel brand just waiting for the right partnership and real estate opportunity. The marketplace is there. The audience is waiting. Sci-Fi Hotel LLC has concepts and business strategies for renovation/remodel developments, spectacular new builds and limited scale installations such as Sci-Fi Suites®. Sci-Fi Hotel is an exciting and forward-thinking addition to your brand portfolio.

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We're working on Sci-Fi Hotel® developments in the U.S., U.A.E. and E.U. Email to get on the advance list to pre-book your stay in the future!

Sci-Fi Hotel® is an exciting fit for rebranding or remodeling existing property and a dramatic yet economical new build in the select service market. This original fusion of out-of-this-world style, state-of the art technology and amenities and down to earth service and efficiency delivers significant value in the U.S. and around the world.

Sci-Fi Hotel® is an original, economical hotel design that meets a significant market demand and delivers an incredible guest experience, catering to a sophisticated generation of travelers who crave out-of-this-world style and a truly unique environment.

Sci-Fi Hotel LLC is also developing a prototype suite that can be demonstrated at hospitality and sci-fi conventions, and also installed at selected hotels as operating inventory, attracting interest from potential guests, investment partners and media around the world.

  • Modular, replicatable room and spatial design elements save on construction and replication costs and create a seamless themed environment
  • Flagship to franchise business model cost-effectively extends brand reach
  • Exclusive food & beverage destination
  • Exceptional public and media anticipation and ongoing interest through social media activity and one-of-a-kind promotions and sponsored events
  • With each new Sci-Fi Hotel®, a new chapter in the future of hospitality, a new and engaging social event and must-see destination.
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"The Sci-Fi hotel is not a matter of "if," but a matter of "when." Andy Davies is not just an enthusiast, but an experienced professional working to make his passion a reality. The surge in popularity for science fiction should make attracting a wider audience easy. In a world soaked with technology, where new amazing concepts are discussed every day, it is impossible to escape the vision painted by science fiction. Now is the perfect time for the Sci-Fi hotel to become realized, to capture the imaginations of people hungering for more sci-fi and inspire new generations of sci-fi lovers."
- OMNI Reboot

Sci-Fi Hotel LLC is seeking investment and real estate partners to develop the world’s first Sci-Fi Hotel®. Now is the time to create the future of hospitality. Inside and out, Sci-Fi Hotel® is a dramatic new standard in the evolution of hospitality, an excitingly original destination design.

Sci-Fi Hotel® is escape. Adventure. Inspiration. Excitement. Creativity. Cool. A place to work. A place to play. A place to meet and socialize. It’s an out-of-this-world place to stay!

Dramatic, sleek and completely unique, Sci-Fi Hotel® delivers on its out-of-this-world promise by pairing a tech-savvy, design-oriented hotel experience with an inspiring, adventurous style. Modular, dramatically curved room panels conceal everything from entertainment centers to well-considered luggage and amenities storage. The concept is like a well designed super-sleek modern yacht — everything is stowed and carefully considered for the voyage.

For Sci-Fi Hotel® guests, every aspect of their visit from highly configurable sleep systems to entertainment choices and amenities are dramatically different and effectively thought out. Lobby and public space ‘view screen’ ports present CGI rendered views from space for a truly out-of-this-world experience.

Suites and guest rooms are designed along sleek, ultra-modern minimalist lines, allowing experiential architecture, art and media to be the room’s focus.

Selected rooms and corridors feature commissioned installations, set pieces and wall murals from comic book and science fiction concept artists. The visual effect is stunning and perfectly at home in the sci-fi inspired spatial design and exclusive ‘Sci-Fi Alley®’
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